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ATE ltd


Business to Business, Retail


As a trailer builder and supplier of parts, ATE Ltd moved their entire ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system from one supplier to another. A huge undertaking in itself, the move also signalled a need for a change to their website so it could communicate with the new ERP system for orders, customer pricing, stock and product control and a number of other elements. With no ‘off the shelf’ package for the specific ERP system, Tyxan built a 100% custom integration middleware solution which could send data between the website and the ERP system on a timely basis. In addition, the website design was adapted to fit both the B2B and B2C business models, as well as cope with the 3 top-level services offered: Trailer sales, Trailer parts and ATE’s own Wheel Sentry┬« product. Through continuous improvement, the website now integrates across the whole business and is continually adapted to new requirements, enabling ATE to offer an unparallelled service to its clients.

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