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City & County Healthcare


City & County Healthcare




The City & County Healthcare Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of care assistants in domiciliary care, live-in services and Extra Care housing schemes. Tyxan was approached in 2017 to assist in developing and managing the Group’s portfolio of sub-brand websites. Each organisation was, at the time, building and hosting their own site, with the associated costs in time and development. Tyxan put together a solution where all 24 sites exist under an umbrella CMS solution (WordPress), while maintaining individual designs, analytics and functionality. It meant that, from a central point, the Group marketing department could control and distribute information across the whole Group, a subset of companies, or a single organisation as they see fit. Following the initial project, Tyxan then undertook a standardisation of the infrastructure and site designs for CCH so that now, when a new company joins the CCH Group, a new site can be built, populated and published within a 3-day period.

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