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Access Kit


Access Kit


Business to Education


A supplier of camping equipment to the education sector, such as schools who run outdoor education/DofE programmes and expedition/travel companies who organise overseas expeditions. Access Kit’s requirement was around the end-to-end process of their clients and how best to serve them. In the education sector, it is often the case that the specifier and purchaser are different individuals within the organisation. Access Kit needed the ability for one user to browse the site and specify the products required, then pass those details on to a secondary user who would complete the payment and checkout process. Tyxan built a ‘quote’ system where, once building a basket, a quote could be sent to a colleague by the user, showing all of the details of the required order in PDF format, along with a link for the user to ‘recreate’ the basket and complete the checkout process for the organisation. Since its launch, the system has undergone a number of upgrades, including automatic discounts, savings calculations and other enhancements. The team at Access Kit have been massively relieved of doing lots of “repetitive” quotes, and also found that most customers actually love the system as it gives them the tool to create their own quote without being “sold to by a salesperson” and in a lot of cases also out of school/work hours, which they appreciate.

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